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Exclusive Webinar Series – P&A Permanent Barriers What, Where and How Many

View Exclusive Webinar – P&A Permanent Barriers: What, Where and How Many?

This is the recording from live webinar on Thursday, 3 March 2022.


The key component in the design of a successful well abandonment is what we might call the ‘P&A Permanent Barrier’. As its name suggests it provides a barrier to the escape of fluids and it needs to do so on a permanent basis.

So what makes an effective P&A Barrier? What hardware and materials should we use? How many will we need to ensure our well is sealed permanently and where in the wellbore should we place them?

This webinar provides a useful insight into best practice when it comes to P&A barrier design. Our speaker, Steve Jewell, has extensive experience in the UK North Sea where well abandonment activity continues to grow in a highly regulated environment.

Steve will use material from our online course ‘Offshore Well Abandonment: Plug, Abandonment and Decommissioning’ to provide a whirlwind guide to probably the most important aspect of well abandonment: the permanent plug.

Discussion Topics

1. Permanent Barriers in Offshore Well Abandonment

    • Definition of Permanent Barrier
    • Number of barriers and where they are needed
    • Combination Barriers

2. Verification

    • Testing
    • Guidelines and Regulation

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