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Public Training

Well Integrity Management

5 - 7 September 2023

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Kuala Lumpur

Limited to 15 participants

HRD Corp
Claimable Course

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There are over 2 million existing wells across the world, the majority of which are likely to be more than 25 years old. Those wells were constructed to much less demanding standards than those employed today. As a result, there could be a number of underlying threats to the integrity of any particular well. Left unaddressed this might result in serious problems for the well. Such well integrity issues are at the root cause of most of the major oil industry catastrophes in the last 40 years.

This 3-day course is designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of well integrity management and risk assessment in producing assets. Based on the regulatory requirements and using real examples and exercises from around the world, this represents best practice integrity management within the oil and gas industry. This is a HRD Corp Claimable Course (Programme No.: 10001214498).


To enable participants to understand the well integrity management principles and risk management processes that have to be applied for assurance of well integrity within a hydrocarbon production environment.

Course Methodology

The course modules are a combination of Power Point, Movie Clips, 2D models, and extensive use of magnetic white board(s) to help explain issues and demonstrate how well components work from the perforations to the production wing valve. The attendees are encouraged to participate by asking questions at any time, also there are ‘RED’ power point slides, and these are for the attendees to answer. The classes are very interactive and hands on.

Who Should Attend?

Designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry who are involved in the design, construction and operation of wells from the following disciplines:

    • Production Maintenance
    • Production Operations
    • Drilling Engineering
    • Safety engineering
    • Well Intervention
    • Well Integrity Engineering
    • Asset Management

Course Outline

Day 1

    • What is well integrity
    • Well integrity failures
    • History of well integrity – The tools of a crime scene detective
    • Rules, Regulations, Standards, and Recommended Practices
    • Well Integrity Management Systems (WIMS). A single source of truth.
    • Material selection and corrosion
    • Well construction

Day 2

    • Surface controlled subsurface safety valves (SCSSSV), and Annulus safety valves (ASV)
    • Surface valves and tree maintenance
    • Well start up and shut down
    • Well handover and operate
    • Data reporting and anomalies
    • Asset life extension – reviewing MAASP
    • Sustained casing pressure

Day 3

    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Dispensations
    • Competencies and training
    • Risk assessment
    • Case studies
    • Group exercise with a package of data for a well in a real-life scenario

About Expert Trainer

Expert Trainer is a subject matter expert for well integrity in the Operating Phase of the Well Lifecycle with over 40 years international experience in the oil and gas industry. He has worked with many of the industry leaders and regulators to improve well integrity understanding and awareness and to resolve specific well integrity issues in the last 10 years.

While working as global head of well integrity for Tullow Oil, he pioneered the implementation of a well integrity management system (WIMS) and all the associated documentation and training to support the company wide range of well types and operating environments. This led to the publication of the SPE paper entitled ‘Seven pillars of well integrity, The Design, and Implementation of a Well Integrity Management System’ (SPE-142449- MS). Since then, Simon has built more WIMS for various international oil companies, provided the documentation and training

While working for Tullow he was a co-author for the first international well integrity standard in the Operating Phase of the Well Lifecycle, ISO 16530.

In conjunction with these achievements, Expert Trainer is an established and accredited trainer, providing well integrity courses for international oil and gas community. A further 5 papers have been published in the SPE which discuss various well integrity problems common to the industry.

In 2021 he was awarded the prestigious position of SPE Distinguished Lecturer, which will take him on several tours (2022-2023) to meet, discuss and present his paper ‘History of well integrity – The tools of a crime scene detective’.

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