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Exclusive Webinar Series

P&A Permanent Barriers:
What, Where and How Many?

3 March 2022

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC +8)

Microsoft Teams

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The key component in the design of a successful well abandonment is what we might call the ‘P&A Permanent Barrier’. As its name suggests it provides a barrier to the escape of fluids and it needs to do so on a permanent basis.

So what makes an effective P&A Barrier? What hardware and materials should we use? How many will we need to ensure our well is sealed permanently and where in the wellbore should we place them ?

This webinar provides a useful insight into best practice when it comes to P&A barrier design. Our speaker, Steve Jewell, has extensive experience in the UK North Sea where well abandonment activity continues to grow in a highly regulated environment.  Steve will use material from our online course ‘Offshore Well Abandonment: Plug, Abandonment and Decommissioning’ to provide a whirlwind guide to probably the most important aspect of well abandonment: the permanent plug.

Discussion Topics

Permanent Barriers in Offshore Well Abandonment

    • Definition of Permanent Barrier
    • Number of barriers and where they are needed
    • Combination Barriers


    • Testing  
    • Guidelines and Regulation

Who Should Attend?

    • Well P&A Engineers
    • Drilling Engineers
    • Asset Owners and Regulators
    • Superintendents
    • Wellsite Supervisors
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Completions Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Environmental Managers
  • Government Regulators

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