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Public Training

Introduction to Carbon Capture & Storage

10 - 12 July 2024

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Kuala Lumpur

Limited to 15 participants

HRD Corp
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This course offers a comprehensive introduction to Carbon Capture, Utility & Storage (CCUS). It explains why we need to consider CO2 storage, the properties of CO2 and how it can be captured and refined. Underground, or subsurface storage is also studied to develop an understanding of the geological and other technical constraints associated with large-scale and long-term storage of CO2. The economic factors driving these projects will also be considered. This is a HRD Corp Claimable Cours (Programme No.: 10001313299).


To provide an overview of the drivers for CO2 capture and storage and to develop an understanding of the technology and techniques deployed in the execution of CCUS projects.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the delegate will be able to:

    • Articulate why we need CO2 storage
    • Explain CO2 properties and phase behaviour using a phase diagram
    • Describe different sources of CO2 and various technologies used for its capture
    • Predict CO2 transportation requirements and options
    • Estimate subsurface reservoir storage capacity and suitability
    • Appreciate key economic drivers in CCUS

Course Methodology

Presentation materials are interspersed with video clips and simple exercises to develop and consolidate understanding. The course finishes with a team based whole development exercise to capture key learnings.

Who Should Attend?

Oil and Gas professionals of all disciplines (technical and non-technical) looking to establish or improve their understanding of CO2 capture, transportation and storage.

Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1 – What is CCUS and why do we need it?

    • Climate Change
    • CO2 Emissions, historical and future forecasts
    • World population and Energy demand growth
    • Fossil fuels and other major sources of CO2
    • Natural CO2 absorption and limitations

Module 2 – Properties of CO2

    • CO2 as a gas, a liquid and a solid
    • CO2 Phase Diagram
    • Predicting CO2 properties and behaviour in the CCUS process
    • Supercritical CO2
    • The Joule Thomson Effect

Day 2

Module 3 – Carbon Capture

    • Power Stations
    • Other major CO2 sources: petrochemicals, agriculture, brewing etc.
    • Capture Technologies: amine plants, direct extraction

Module 4 – CO2 Transportation

    • Pipelines, operating conditions and material selection
    •  Corrosion
    • Tanker transport
    • CO2 Hubs

Module 5 – CO2 Storage

    • Onshore or Offshore, pros and cons
    • Sub-surface storage options
    • Geological Risks
    • E&A Well Risks
    • Permeability and Structural Capacity

Day 3

Module 5 – CO2 Storage (continued)

    • Reservoir Modelling
    • Well location selection
    • Well performance and related issues
    • Storage Reservoir Performance, Monitoring and Management
    • Well and Field abandonment and long term risk

Module 6 – Economic Drivers

    • CO2 Trading Price and Economic drivers
    • CAPEX, OPEX, ABEX and ongoing leakage monitoring

Module 7 – CO2 Storage Exercise

    • Hypothetical subsurface storage reservoir
    • Identification of key development risks
    • Likely CO2 properties and phase behaviour
    • Well numbers and location
    • Development Costs and Economics

About Expert Trainer

Expert Trainer is a UK based Oil & Gas advisor and training consultant with over 40 years of experience in the industry. He has been active in all aspects of CCS since 2010.

He is currently advising UK Regulator on CO2 Integrity Risks and Liabilities  and co-authored a publicly available report on same topic. He is also an expert advisor to UK trade body (Oil and Gas UK) in developing Guidelines for the abandonment of CO2 wells.

Expert Trainer has provided CO2 injection well related technical training for the UK Regulator (Oil & Gas Authority) and general advisory & consultancy support on CCS to a diverse range of clients.

His expertise is in all aspects of Well Construction (drilling, completions, workovers and abandonment) and Subsurface (geoscience, reservoir engineering, production engineering).

Since 2019, he had delivered 8 training sessions in Malaysia with customised contents to suit best with the regulations and operations in the region. The sessions were participated by major Oil & Gas operators and service providers namely PETRONAS Carigali, ExxonMobil, PTTEP, EnQuest, Technip Energies,  Halliburton, Archer and many more.

He is a UK Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals (FIMMM). He is also registered as a European Engineer (EurIng) and is a member of both the Institute of Directors (MIoD) and the international Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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