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Fundamentals of Gas Lift Systems

23 - 26 August 2021

2:00PM - 6:00PM (GMT +8)

Microsoft Teams

Limited for 12 participants.

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Gas-lift system is one of the most widely used artificial lift technique for oil production operations. Having a deep understanding of Gas-lift system design, installation and operation for both operators and services providers is very crucial for the performance of Gas-lift operations.

This course was carefully designed to provide participants with the fundamental concepts and basic principles for the well understanding of gas lift systems. The course has been structured to cover the most relevant areas on the design, equipment selection, installation, commissioning, operation, monitoring, diagnosis, and optimisation of typical gas lift systems.

The course will be valuable to production and completion engineers both from operators and services providers who are involved in artificial lift selection and the design and troubleshooting of gas lift systems.

At the end of the course, participant will:

  • Get better understanding of gas lift systems design, installation, and operations
  • Become familiar of the typical gas lift equipment to be used
  • Able to analyse and perform basic diagnostic and troubleshooting.
  • Being able to get involved in gas lift operations.
  • Able to provide technical support to different processes from the conceptual and design stage to monitor, analyse and troubleshoot gas lift wells.
  • Highly interactive learning approach.
  • Hands-on technical examples of Gas Lift design, operation, troubleshooting and optimisation from the trainer’s extensive experience.
  • Open discussion to further engage and share Gas Lift best practices.
  • Production Engineers
  • Production Technologist
  • Production Operation Staffs
  • Production Optimization professionals
  • Completion Engineers
  • Artificial Lift professionals
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Artificial Lift Sales Engineer
  • Professionals who want to gain more knowledge about Gas Lift Production Systems
  • Interactive lectures
  • Two group exercises
  • Technical Examples of Gas Lift Design, Installation, Troubleshooting, Optimization
  • Q&A

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Artificial Lift
  • Artificial Lift Systems Overview (RPS, PCP, HL, GL & ESP)
  • Types of Gas Lift, Continuous and Intermittent, advantages and disadvantages
  • Continuous flow unloading sequence
  • Fundamental of the gas lift completion equipment
  • Gas Lift valves, mandrels, latches and other tools
  • Gas lift valves mechanism
  • Surface flow control equipment
  • Gas Lift Group Exercise 1
  • Overview of inflow and outflow performance
  • Pressure & Depth, Well Productivity
  • Gas Lift Design overview
  • Gas Lift Group Exercise 2
  • Troubleshooting General Guidelines
  • Gas Lift Surveillance and Optimization
  • Technical Examples of Gas Lift Design, Installation, Troubleshooting, & Optimization
  • Closing
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