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Public Training

Deepwater Drilling Operations

In conjunction of Sabah Oil, Gas & Energy Conference & Exhibition (SOGCE) 2024

24 - 28 June 2024

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

K. Kinabalu, Sabah

Limited to 15 participants

HRD Corp Claimable

Claim up to RM3,900 / pax


Deepwater drilling is typically defined as operating in water depths exceeding 450 feet. To date, 116 Deepwater wells have been drilled thus far in Malaysia. At present, there are more than 6 BBOE (billion barrel of oil equivalent) waiting to be discovered in deepwater Malaysia, with the highest yet-to-find in Sabah, followed by Sarawak. This indicated that there are more opportunities in deepwater to be unlocked.

This course provides knowledge of Deepwater well design and drilling operations to drilling and completion engineers. The course is specifically designed to provide an understanding of the challenges associated with the design and construction of deepwater wells. The course covers not only theory, technicalities and practicalities of designing, drilling and completing deepwater wells but it also covers real examples and exercises.

This course is delivered by Semarak Training in partnership with MIDAS Events Management in conjunction of Sabah Oil, Gas & Energy Conference & Exhibition (SOGCE) 2024. The course is HRD Corp claimable.

Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding of the challenges associated with deepwater drilling and completion operations.
    • Overview of the standards, procedures and practices associated with deepwater drilling operations.
    • Overview of the geological and geophysical aspects of deepwater prospects.
    • Understanding of the drilling rig and equipment requirements for drilling deepwater wells.
    • Understanding of the drilling challenges and practices for deepwater well construction.
    • Overview of modern technologies and their applications for deepwater wells.
    • Understanding of fundamental well control practices for deepwater wells.
    • Understanding of testing and completion requirements for deepwater wells.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for the disciplines listed below, as well as anyone with a specific interest in the topic:

    • Drilling and Completion Engineers
    • Drilling Contractor supervisory personnel
    • Service Providers for Deepwater Wells
    • Other relevant technical and operational staff


    • Lectures (presentation) (50%)
    • Simulator exercises (10%)
    • Discussions and exercises (10%)
    • Real/field case and demonstration (30%)

Course Outline

Day 1

    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Introductions to Deepwater Drilling Operations
    • History of Deepwater Drilling Operations
    • Geological & Geophysical Aspects of Deepwater Prospects
    • Overburden and Compaction
    • Pore and Fracture Pressures

Day 2

    • Well Design Considerations and Standards (include simulation exercises for well design)
    • Metocean and Currents
    • Rig Selection and the Associated Calculations.
    • Station Keeping
    • Open Water Operations
    • Conductors and Surface Casing

Day 3

    • Drilling Operations (include hydraulic drilling simulations for pressures and hole cleaning)
    • Subsea Wellhead Systems and Casing
    • Deepwater Cementing including Simulated Cement Displacements
    • BOP Systems
    • Drilling Riser Systems
    • Drilling Equipment for Deepwater

Day 4

  • Deepwater Well Control
  • Deepwater Drilling Challenges
  • Fluids and Mud Systems
  • Subsalt Operations

Day 5

  • Dual Gradient Drilling
  • MPD (include MPD drilling simulations for both back pressure and pumped riser systems)
  • Deepwater Operations Management

About Expert Trainer

Expert Trainer is an experienced well engineer and well engineering instructor with an MSc in Drilling Engineering and over 40 years of drilling and well engineering experience. Skilled in many facets of advanced well engineering such as Deepwater Managed Pressure Drilling, High Pressure – High Temperature, Geothermal, Well Integrity and Well Control.

He has experience working for operators, drilling contractors and service providers delivering a wide range of engineering solutions for complex wells. Developed and presented numerous training courses related to well design, managed pressure drilling, high pressure high temperature operations, casing design, advanced well control and well control emergency response planning. He has delivered trainings in Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

The expert trainer is skilled in thermal and multiphase hydraulic modelling for geothermal and underbalanced drilling and blowout kill calculations. Experienced in engineering solutions for well abandonment, relief well planning and coiled tubing drilling.

He co-authored several SPE books and numerous SPE papers. He was a SPE distinguished lecturer on underbalanced drilling.

He is an active member of SPE, ICOTA, IADC, the Energy Institute and Technical Advisor to IWCF.

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