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Public Training

Decommissioning of Offshore Installations

6 - 8 May 2024

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Kuala Lumpur

Limited to 15 participants

HRD Corp
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Decommissioning offshore Oil and Gas installations is an inevitable part of the ‘Life of Field’ activities. It carries a multi-billion $ cost with no commercial return.

The course will provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of offshore decommissioning from late life operations, through to planning, estimating, preparation, execution and close out. A key learning point for delegates will be the opportunity to take part in real life exercises related to decommissioning of a typical offshore asset. Also, delegates will have the rare opportunity of discussing and comparing their individual decommissioning requirements, both with the trainer and with other delegates.

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The delegates will be taken on a journey starting in the late life of field, circa 8 years from cessation of production (COP). Over the 3 days of the course, the delegates will progress through early planning, preparation, and finally execution and close out of a typical offshore field. During this time the delegates, through a series of exercises, will participate in the development of a decommissioning strategy, schedule and estimate for a typical field.

Key Benefits

    • Gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of decommissioning.
    • A rare learning experience through real life decommissioning related exercises and case studies.
    • Interaction with other delegates
    • Opportunity to hear how decommissioning challenges are managed internationally.
    • Opportunity to see and discuss future changes and technologies for decommissioning.
    • Gain an understanding of the decommissioning market and influences.
    • Identifying decommissioning opportunities.
    • Ability to identify and mitigate decommissioning risks and issues.
    • Learn how to develop a decommissioning strategy
    • Opportunity to learn, adapt or improve current skill-set

Who Should Attend?

This training course is essential to all those involved in decommissioning who need to be aware of their obligations and liabilities for decommissioning and how best to manage those such that opportunities can be realized, and overall costs reduced.    

Course Outline

Day 1: Decommissioning Strategy & Planning

    • Decommissioning – the Myths and Realities
    • Decommissioning Legislation
    • Decommissioning Options
    • Strategy

Day 2: Preparing for Decommissioning

    • Planning and Estimating for Decommissioning
    • Preparatory Work
    • Comparative Assessment
    • Preparatory Work

Day 3: The End Game

    • Preparatory Work
    • Removal and Transportation
    • Decommissioning Sub-sea Infrastructure and Floating Production Facilities
    • Onshore Disposal and Closeout
*For more details, please refer to course brochure.

About Expert Trainer

Expert Trainer is a Senior Consultant specializing in the planning and preparations for well abandonment and the strategic planning for decommissioning and abandonment of offshore facilities with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

After an initial period working for Shell in the Middle East, the North Sea, and on land in Continental Europe, he has held several increasingly senior management positions in a number of major service companies in the Oil and Gas Sector with responsibility for a range of functions including the introduction of new technology, the development of global marketing strategies, delivery of integrated services projects and service delivery on several well abandonment work scopes.

More recently, he has further specialized in decommissioning and well abandonment working as a consultant on a number of assets, focusing on abandonment method selection, cost estimation and development of decommissioning strategies.

He has solid experience of working in both the North Sea and internationally, recently working on decommissioning and abandonment projects in South Africa, Malaysia, Norway and the UK. Responsibilities have including preparing technical guidelines for regulatory agencies, appraising decommissioning and abandonment plans, compiling decommissioning project cost estimates and leading the development of Operator decommissioning strategies and portfolio planning.

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